River Of Silence

Story Synopsis – Set against the backdrop of the growing number of murdered and missing Indigenous women in Canada,            River Of Silence tells the story of a successful Indigenous woman, Helen along with husband Nathan, living in present day Vancouver, who must navigate the horror of their daughter having gone missing and is found murdered.

River Of Silence is written by Petie Chalifoux, an up and coming Indigenous (Cree) female writer/producer, trained at Capilano University; Bachelors Degree in Motion Picture Arts, who brings her own experiences – as the granddaughter of a woman who went missing in the year 2000 and was later found dead under suspicious circumstances with no answers regarding her death to this day – to this story. The harsh reality of this epidemic that has been occurring for many decades is finally coming to the greater public. This is a call-to-action feature film that seeks to touch the hearts of many, open the eyes of all and ultimately help make this a safer world for all women.